Bring transit technology to reality by adopting a phased approach

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Bring transit technology to reality

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From the introduction of smartcards – WMATA was the first to introduce them in the USA back in 1999 – to the implementation of mobile ticketing solutions in large agencies such as MBTA or San Diego MTS in 2016, digital innovation has continuously improved rider experience over the last 20 years. 

Defining transit technology

Technology in transit covers all the new innovations that make public transit easier and faster to use, more reliable and more generally improve service and attract more riders. They include mobile computing, social media, GPS, real-time information and data analytics. 
There are many benefits for transit agencies to adopt technology from improving fare collection, to streamlining operations and attracting broader ridership. 
Although widely available, implementing new technology can nevertheless be overwhelming for smaller agencies especially those that are more cash strapped or lacking resources. 
Are you one of them?  
Have you ever read an inspiring case study or talked with a technology partner only to walk away and wonder how that will ever become reality for your agency? Or, worse yet, have you written an RFP carefully articulating your vision only to be met by responses requiring massive commitment?

Implementing technology in transit doesn’t have to be daunting. 

Agencies can adopt a phased approach to achieve their vision and turn the project into reality. Mobile ticketing, transit app, open payment, integration of other mobility schemes (ie: bike sharing) for a full MaaS approach… your agency doesn’t have to have it all straight away. 
There are many steps that can be taken to get your agency ready to innovate. They can include:  
  • Developing specific tools to prepare for new technology so you are ready when it comes time to implement
  • Break down a full platform or system into manageable portions for both your agency and your riders
  • Build a group of super users or test users to try new technology on before implementing system-wide
  • Approach new technology with a method that fit with the size and objectives of your agency. 

Want to know more? 

On the 23rd of June, we held a webinar in partnership with Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and Transit entitled A Phased Approach to Innovation: Three Ways to Successfully Bring Transit Technology to Reality. During this practical webinar we outlined steps you can take to achieve your agency’s vision in a phased approach, actually turning the project to reality. We discussed the easy steps to get your agency ready to innovate as well as an approach to technology that avoids common missteps.
If you missed it, it's not too late!!
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