We make it easy to pay for and ride public transportation

Figuring out routes and fares can make taking public transit difficult. Open ABT is a modular platform for transit, making it easy to manage all the ways a rider may pay.  

Open Account Based Ticketing Platform

Paying for public transit should be simple.

Open ABT (account-based ticketing) takes the headache out of paying for transit. Riders can choose their preferred means of payment and Open ABT takes care of the rest: from creating a customer account, managing reduced fares and aggregating all validation data into a simple dashboard.

Mobile App

Deployed in over eighty cities across the globe, the m-ticketing application gives riders the flexibility to pay with their phone and validate visually or with a QR code.                                 

Open Fare Media, part of Open ABT Platform

Smartcards & Cash

Our smart cards are used by some of the largest transit agencies in North America. Deploy smart cards and collect cash within an account-based system.                                           

Open Tap & Pay, part of Open ABT Platform

Tap & Pay

Our lightweight validator gives riders the ability to quickly tap and board the bus. Using EMV and NFC technologies, riders quickly get on board, no account or download needed. 


Collecting fares should be smart. 

Agencies should have access to what is happening across their system, from where riders are activating tickets to how groups of users are paying. By surfacing key data to agency personnel, when they need it, agencies can intelligently communicate with their riders, monitor their systems for fraud and innovate more quickly.  


See sales data in one place. The Open ABT back office gives agencies real time reports on sales, validation, location-based information and other KPI’s to keep their systems running something. 

System Management

Manage the entire fare collection system in real time, give customer service agents the data they need and deploy hardware and software updates from one central location.                                              


Easily build out the services your riders expect by integrating ticketing into trip planning, bike share or other mobility options.                                                                                                                                                    


Open ABT

Open ABT Platform is Paragon ID's leading account based ticketing offering. Paragon ID is well known and recognised in the transport and Smart Cities sector, providing access control solutions to over 150 cities in the world. Based on its expertise, the company has launched a complete account based ticketing platform aimed at supporting small to medium sized cities in their transition towards a mobility-as-a-service solution. 
The Open ABT (Account-Based Ticketing) Platform simplifies the rider's journey with a multitude of payment and validation options, and gives transit agencies the data they need to manage their systems and customers more effectively.



Manage your system, in real time

Open ABT is hosted on the cloud and every component updates in real time. You will get rich system data as it is happening. If a validation happens on the west side, you’ll know about it downtown. If a rider has an issue on a bus, your customer service rep will know about it at their workstation. 

Grows with you

Because the Open ABT is modular, you can start small and have a partner grow and develop with you. Whether you’re looking for a mobile app with visual validation or an open payment solution, Open ABT is here to help. 

Addresses problems of today and tomorrow

We’ve built the platform for today’s issues; ease of fare payment, supported by open and closed-loop payments and focused on mobile. As our technology changes, your agency changes, keeping pace with cities and towns across the globe. 

Get the full picture across the network

Open ABT's back-office gives access to real-time data to analyze the key indicators of the network's activities, usages and riders' habits. This allows transit agencies to get better insight to manage fares and run the network more efficiently.  It also helps networks to adapt and improve the services and offer a better experience. 

Built to key compliance standards

The Open ABT is a SaaS based system using the leading forms of encryption and data standards to keep your rider’s account information and payment data safe and secure. Our platform is compliant with SSAE16, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, FedRAMP, and  HIPAA certifications. 


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