Open Tap & Pay

A comprehensive offer allowing your riders to access and pay for public transport with their contactless bank card or smartphone. 

Our solution was co-developed with Ingenico and Worldline for optimised & secure processing of direct EMV transactions



Open Tap & Pay, part of Open ABT Platform

A complete and flexible offer with the opportunity to choose payment processing (direct or open) and equipment (terminal or validator)



Payment by contactless bank card and/or mobile phone has become commonplace for most of our purchases. Proposing the acceptance of these means of payment in public transport facilitates access to the network.

Our Open TAP & PAY solution offers flexible ways of implementing contactless payment in vehicles, whether you require fare capping or not.

Our solution has been built in partnership with Ingenico around the development of the P ONE validator.  Once deployed on board the vehicles, the validators are connected to the INGENICO electronic payment server and the Open ABT platform.

Our Open TAP & PAY solution can be implemented independently of the rest of the Open ABT Platform system.


P ONE Validator - Built for public transport

The P ONE validator combines the payment and validation expertise of Paragon ID and Ingenico. It has been designed specifically to fit the requirements of the public transport market. Intended for installation in bus, tram and train environments, it has been designed to withstand the stresses on board vehicles including vibration, shock, vandalism and temperature variation. It is certified to comply with the standards required for rail transport.

Highly versatile, it accepts all contactless means of payment (bank cards, mobile phone) and validates other fare media such as smartcards. 

Contactless payment

  •  All contactless payment methods are supported: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, CUP, Interact, Flash, ApplePay, GooglePay…  
  •  The P ONE is PCI PTS 5.1 and PCI DSS compatible, which guarantees secure data exchange during Open Payment.

Multi Media

The P ONE validator is compatible with all types of ticket media:  "conventional contactless cards" (Calypso, Mifare®, Desfire®...), NFC, contactless tickets, QR codes and m-Ticketing NFC mobile applications.



Download our P ONE product sheet for more information