Open Smart Ticketing

The largest range of physical access control solutions

Open Fare Media, part of Open ABT Platform

Open Smart Ticketing is the solution based on Paragon ID’s years of experience in the production and issuance of tickets and smartcards.


The adoption rate of contactless payment and mobile ticketing is on the rise and has been driven by the health crisis. There are however riders that do not have a mobile phone or a bank card. They must be able to benefit from the same access to mobility as others.

To complement our digital solutions, we offer a wide range of physical media to cater for everyone’s needs.  


Our Smart Ticketing solutions include:


Paper tickets

As part our Open ABT solution, we recommend the use of paper QR code tickets that bring a cost-effective physical complement to a mobile ticketing solution. We produce our tickets in-house. They can be branded and personalized to your system. 

As the leading manufacturer of magnetic tickets, we can also provide you with this type of ticket which is still being used by millions of public transport users all over the globe.


With the Tap card in Los Angeles, the Metro card in New York, the Oyster card in London and the Navigo Pass in Paris - to name a few - we provide some of the most iconic smartcards in the world.

Commonly used for passes and concessions, smartcards also bring an alternative to users who do not have a mobile phone or a contactless bank card. All our smartcards can be fully personalized and mailed directly to the end users.

Cash acceptance

We know that a lot of riders continue to pay their transport ticket with cash because they do not have access to a credit card or even a bank account.

Everyone should have a convenient access to mobility and this is why we have developed innovative solutions for unbanked riders.


Secure Fulfiment Services

Secure fulfilment Services

From our highly secure production site in Vermont, we provide a secure full service bureau integrating encoding, printing, fulfilment, franking and mailing.

We offer a complete end-to-end service and mail directly to your customers' address

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

As part of our Open ABT platform offering, we can provide the ticket vending machines where paper tickets can be purchased by riders. 

Easdy to use, they accept cash, credit cards or smartcards and can be operated via a digital screen.

local issuance

Local Issuance

Along with our secure fulfilment solution, we can provide desktop smart printer for local issuance of passes (smartcards).

Our printer can print, personalise and encode the smartcards quickly and efficiently allowing local ticket office to issue passes.