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Open m-TICKET allows transport agencies and mobility providers to offer riders the opportunity to purchase and validate their ticket with their smartphone.



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Thanks to our mobile app, riders can purchase and validate their ticket with a smartphone and without any other specific equipment. 
Our solution gives riders the ability to purchase their tickets anywhere, anytime. Simplifying the fare purchase process helps encourage the use of public transit, reduce unnecessary trips to purchase tickets and and limits the quantity of physical ticket required.   


Open m-TICKET can be implemented very quickly and at minimal costs. It is easy to use and has a totally secure payment process and anti-fraud system. The solution gives access to the entire fare range, including tickets that require additional documentation suc as proof of ID.

Open m-TICKET also allows transport agencies to monitor sales and validations in real time and help maintain and nuture customers' relations. 


Open M-TICKET - Benefits

Benefits for riders

  • With Open m-TICKET, users can purchase and validate their tickets with their smartphone in a few clicks.
  • No need to queue at the counter, no on-board purchase
  • Quick and easy registration via facebook or email
  • Secure payment via bank card
  • Choice of fare within the agency's offering (one-off or passes)
  • Remote central management of family tickets incl. those requiring supporting documentation  
  • Validation of one or several ticket while on board
  • Remote central management of family tickets incl. those requiring supporting documentation
  • Purchase confirmation via email   
  • A contactless and secure solution providing a greater experience

Benefits for transit agencies 

  • Easy to deploy – no investment or equipment required
  • Easy to manage and evolutive solution (SaaS)
  • Complements traditional fare media and existing passenger information apps
  • Mobile app branded to your corporate guidelines
  • Complete range of fares and concessions including passes requiring supporting documentation
  • Simplifies the selling process and increases commercial speed
  • Helps decrease passive fraud 


Powered by a user-friendly / real-time management platform



Our management platform is a powerful tool to

  • Access all data relating to users and sales
  • Track sales and usage statistics in real-time
  • Manage and control fares and concessions in real-time
  • Facilitate client relations