Account Based Ticketing Platform

Open ABT is the platform that powers all the modules within the solution.


ABT Platform

m-Ticketing, eShop, Tap & Pay, Smart Ticketing

Open ABT is one of the most complete and adaptable account based ticketing platforms on the market.


A new way to commute and travel

Today’s world is digital, global, on demand and consumer focused. Consumers want convenience, speed, security, personalized services and a seamless experience.  

There is often a gap between what users of public transport expect and the service they receive.  

In a world where all services are account based, the transport industry has to adapt and move from a fare media centric approach to a more customer focused approach. An Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) solution brings many benefits for both the transport operators and the riders including costs savings, streamlined processes, increased security, ease and convenience of use and a seamless experience.


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